Visit Gulmi District in Lumbini Province

Visit Gulmi District in Lumbini Province

Jul 21 . 2021

Gulmi is a prospective tourism attraction as well as a pleasant weather area. Coffee and orange growing are trendy in this steep area of the Lumbini zone in the Western Development Region. Even though Gulmi is rich in natural resources, it is still a little-known tourist attraction. Gulmi, which is adorned by the confluence of the Kaligandaki and Ridi rivers, is home to many holy sites.

So, when you require an excellent refreshment, why not make Gulmi your destination? If two routes diverge, we recommend using the less frequented ones.

Where is Gulmi District in Nepal?

If you're wondering where Gulmi is in Nepal, look no further. It is, after all, a district in western Nepal's Province No. 5. Gulmi is flanked on all sides by the communities of Syangja and Parbat in the east, Pyuthan in the west, Baglung in the north, and Palpa and Arghakhanchi in the south.

Gulmi is 40 kilometres east-west and 30 kilometres north-south on average. The distance between Kathmandu and Gulmi market is about 370 kilometres. You will arrive at Gulmi after a 10-hour bus ride from Kathmandu through the Prithvi Highway and the East-West Highway. Gulmi is around 190 kilometres from Pokhara along the Siddhartha Rajmarg.

Weather and Altitude of Gulmi District

The district of Gulmi is divided into three major climatic zones. They are:

  1. Upper Tropical
  2. Subtropical
  3. Temperate

Temperatures in temperate zones frequently reach 35°C, but higher tropical zones become pretty chilly when it snows in the winter.

Gulmi is 465 meters above sea level at its lowest point and 2,690 meters at its highest point.

Places to Visit While in Gulmi District

Gulmi region, rich in natural resources and cultural variety, offers several attractions that are well worth seeing. The following are some of the most notable locations in Gulmi that you should not miss:

  • Resunga
  • Ridi Bazaar
  • Bichitra Gufa
  • Musikot
  • Purtighat
  • Durbar Devisthan
  • Rudrabeni

What is Gulmi District famous for?

In terms of cuisine, Gulmi's hotels and restaurants never fail to wow with their unique delicacies. Several food items, including sustain Gulmi Bazaar

  • Ek Paak
  • Chukauni
  • Dhakani

Ek Paak

Ek Paak is a meat dish prepared with mature he-goat flesh. About 200 years ago, the Newar people of Ridi introduced this cuisine. It is, without a doubt, the most famous beef dish in Ridi today. To be honest, no celebration in this region is complete without Ek Paak.


Chukauni is a spicy achar prepared with potatoes and other spices. This dish is available in almost every Gulmi hotel and certain Palpa hotels. Chukauni looks delicious because it contains cooked potato, curd, turmeric, salt, timoor, red chilli powder, garlic, green chilly, fenugreek, and oil.


Dhakani is a rice pudding that is similar but not identical to rice pudding. Cooking is done in an entirely different manner. Rice, milk, ghee/butter, and sugar are combined in this roasted dish. Dhakani has become one of the most delectable foods available solely in Gulmi.