Things To Do and Places to Visit While In Banke National Park, Nepal

Jul 16 . 2021

The most well-known tourist attraction for adventure sports and excursions in Nepal is Banke National Park. The National Park aims to protect endangered wild flora and fauna and their habitats, promote eco-tourism, create a buffer zone for resource management, livelihood promotion, income generation, and community development activities in Nepal. It also helps strengthen the transboundary biological corridor between India and Nepal.

We can do plenty of things, and it can be easy to enjoy entertainment, vacation, or any other exciting things.

Banke National Park

Banke National Park is located in Nepal's central-western region and is also regarded as a gift from the earth. In 1998, it was designated as a natural gift. These regions are around 550 kilometres from the protected area, with most of them being on the Churia border.

The creation of this park to protect wild tigers, an endangered animal species, demonstrates the government of Nepal's commitment to biodiversity protection at the landscape level. 

By way of Khata hallway, national forest, and group backwoods, it connects to Bardia National Park in the west, connecting to Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in India.

Banke is connected to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj airport and has an excellent road network within the district. It also has access to highways and is related to Nepalgunj, the district headquarters.

The internet, telephone services, radio, and television are all well-developed forms of information/communication in the Banke area. As a result, you make travelling quick and straightforward. Nepali, Awadhi, Tharu, and Urdu are the main languages spoken in Banke; the remainder speaks Magar, Hindi, and various regional dialects. As a result, visitors and vacationers will be able to see the culture of many species during the journey.

Want to get an authentic taste of Nepalese country life? Banke, a bilingual and multi-ethnic city, invites tourists to discover the other side of this industrial metropolis. Banke provides a peaceful setting for travellers travelling to other parts of Nepal. The following are the main points of interest in Banke National Park.

Prepare to encounter deer, bears, wild elephants, and crocodiles at the Bardia National Park. You may go for a walk in this park, a national park in and of itself, and enjoy the greenery.

Travelling with various animals while speaking in a bird's voice may be a lot of fun. Banke is a birdwatcher's dream come true. During your stay, you may quickly find over 100 species. You may also view and learn about the only animal found here.

There are several things to do here; the next step is to pay a visit. The trip is not unpleasant. The road's strong growth makes it simpler for people to come. It is simple to get from one location to another.

Things To Do While in Banke National Park, Nepal

There are several activities to partake in a while in Banke National Park. They are as follows:

  • Vacation
  • Jungle Safari
  • Hiking
  • Adventure/Outdoor Activities
  • Boating
  • Photography and Art Classes
  • Cycling


The green, elegant, and attractive landscape here may entice anybody, as can the familiar sights such as the Opening Lake River and the wild beasts that can significantly influence the area. That is why, because we can do something about it.

There are numerous fines in this place to cut off with a family, spouse, and many birds, such as tigers, mayors, and cereals. Turning on the light and taking in the beautiful scenery believes in making the day more intuitive.

Jungle Safari

This location may also be recreated in a safari sauna, where a tourist can journey by vehicle or elephant. This is done to make the traveller or any guest feel more at ease. Looking at exotic creatures and eating delicacies might cause anxiety. The park's elephant safaris will transport you to a new world where you will have ample time to explore places and have more fun.

The elephant is safer when you ride it, and you may go on a walking safari in the key regions. This is the most beautiful area of the park.


When you enter this magnificent park surrounded by all kinds of wild creatures, it's an incredible experience. However, another challenging aspect of this area is wildlife observation, which is usually difficult for us and does not always result in substantial Nepali predators or wild animals. Banke Nikunj is a lovely spot that may also be experienced as part of a hiking marathon.

Hiking is good for your health and may be done in the new location and its surroundings. So, when there are many animals, this location may be used for doing the right thing, and it is well worth the long days in the park.

Hiking is a fun and memorable way to spend time if you have the opportunity. Hiking may be a lot of fun for you and your friends, and it's also good for your health since it strengthens your body.

Adventure/Outdoor Activities

For individuals interested in outdoor activities, this location might be a good choice. This location is ideal for exploring, opening dumplings, happiness, and funerals, hiking, and waterfalls may be created on a magnificent mountain.

Running a boat in the river may be observed underwater to provide more trekking and more to the person interested. Start campaigning, and many activities may be done in this place if you have a few days to showcase this spot more.


Boating is another fun job you may perform here. It may be used to go a short distance and for entertainment. Given Nepal's abundance of water resources, recreational boating is a viable alternative. Whether you like whitewater rafting or simply floating over the countryside, Nepal offers both options.

In Nepal's Terai wetland, where storms and surges are expected, a pontoon is a common mode of transportation. This standard mode of transportation, which the locals use, might be a significant struggle for the traveller.

Touching water waves while sitting on a watercraft is an experience that cannot be described in words. A relaxing pontoon ride on the national stop is one of the most relaxing experiences in Nepal.

Photography and Art Classes

This location is ideal for a breathtaking vista and a professional photograph. The snapshot may be rotated or sat wherever in the green woodland to be taken openly. When the animals come to drink water, photographers may shoot them while playing, which is a great chance and a big draw for them.

It is simple to teach them to learn more while running the photography classroom. The Park is linked to the Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary in India through a transboundary landscape that runs through national and group forests to the south.


Anybody can enjoy cycling. There is restricted space for riding due to a hazard to wild animals. As a result, we require a riding guide. We can hire a guide by paying a fee following the national park's rules.

And, with the introduction of a guide, we will feel safe and will be able to enjoy ourselves thoroughly. One of the most common reasons is that people go there to cycle. As a result, the National Park Service's Director of Management should think about it. And the chief of management will make some more efforts to improve it further.

Places To Visit While in Banke National Park, Nepal

Treks to the Dopolo plateau and the Jumla area are popular in Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj, also known as the country's industrial and transportation centre, offers several attractions: To mention a few, Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, and Sadar Line.

To develop the conservation spirit in people's hearts, Banke National Park has concentrated on participatory resource management in 14 VDCs, seven from Banke district, three from Dang district, three from Salyan district, and one from Surkhet district. 

Places to visit in Banke National Park

  • Surkhet Valley
  • Kakrebihar
  • Deutibajai Temple
  • Ghantaghar(Clock Tower)
  • Bheri Bridge

Surkhet Valley

The Surkhet Valley is one of Nepal's inner terai valleys. It is bordered on the north by Jajarkot, Dailekh, and Achham, on the south by Bardiya banke locality and Kailali, on the east by Salyan area, and on the west by Doti.

It's around 600 kilometres west of Kathmandu, the country's capital. Surkhet is located in the Bheri Zone of Nepal's Mid-Western Development Region. Surkhet Valley, which resembles Kathmandu Valley, is located around 400 kilometres west of Kathmandu. It serves as a hub for distant locations such as Dailekh, Jumla, Mugu, Kalikot, Jajarkot, and Salyan.

Surkhet looks to be a gorgeous woman of the hour, enticing everyone with its alluring beauty. Surkhet is centred on Birendranagar city. The valley is surrounded by magnificent mountains, skiing slopes, thick woodlands, a beautiful stream, massive Himalayan peaks, and several sites of worship and travel.

Surkhet is accessible by plane and on the streets from all across the country. Surkhet and Karnali, a distant Western location, were connected by the Karnali Highway. To study this unique quality, take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj or Kathmandu to Surkhet.


Kakre Bihar is a Hindu-Buddhist temple located near the city of Birendranagar. Kakre Bihar is named from its shape, which resembles a cucumber seed. Kakro is the Nepalese word for cucumber. The sanctuary is thought to date from the eleventh century.

Kakrebihar is the ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery that is included among Nepal's national heritage sites. According to local people, Mahabharat's Heroes—"The Pandavas"—came here, built a hut for themselves, and spent their Banbas Period here.

Deutibajai Temple

Deuitbajai is the most well-known Hindu temple in Surkhet and the whole Nepalese Midwestern Region. Its past is unusually related to the “RAJI” society's relatives, where they used to urge.

Individuals from near and far come to inquire and influence BHAKAS regularly (to guarantee with god). Individuals from all religions of life are welcome. When their promises are fulfilled, the Deutibajai brilliant folks chime.

Ghantaghar(Clock Tower)

Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) is one of Surkhet's most impressive cemented pinnacles and public checkpoints.

Surkhet's high point of interest is also this cemented lofty pinnacle. The Bheri canal is a popular boating destination.