Nawalpur District - Newest District in Gandaki Province

Nawalpur District - Newest District in Gandaki Province

Jun 08 . 2021

The district of Nawalpur is located in Nepal's Gandaki Province. It is one of Gandaki Province's 11 districts. Kawasoti is the district's administrative centre. Nawalpur District was previously a part of Nawalparasi District, separated into two districts, Nawalpur District and Parasi District, when the state's administrative divisions were restructured on September 20, 2015.

Nawalpur District has a total area of 1,043.1 square kilometres (402.7 square miles) and a population of 310864 people, according to the 2011 Nepal census.

History of Nawalpur District

During the Rana dynasty, Nawalpur was a sub-district of Chitwan District; later, it was separated and united with a tiny part of Butwal District (Parasi) to form Nawalparasi District. Nawalpur District was recreated independently in 2015.

How can you reach Nawalpur District?

Nawalparasi is 200 kilometres from Kathmandu and takes around 6 hours to go there by bus, 6 hours by car/jeep, and NRs 500 by local bus. You can fly from Kathmandu to Bharatpur and then take a local bus to Nawalparasi as an alternative.

Places to Visit in Nawalpur District

Maulakalika Temple

Maula Kalika, a well-known Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kalika located in the Gaindakot Municipality in the Nawalparasi region of Nepal's Lumbini zone, is a popular religious and trekking destination.

The Maulakalika temple is well-known from a spiritual standpoint, since it is busy with devotees and trekkers honouring Goddess Kalika during the Dashain festival in September-October.

Devchuli Hill

Devchuli is a trekking site in Nepal's Nawalparasi district, located in Pragatinagar, Devchuli Municipality. Devchuli, home to the indigenous Magar, Brahman, and Tharu communities, is a religious, ecological, and historical site that should be marketed as a tourist destination.

The site's main attractions include tigers, elephants, rhinos, antelopes, and several bird species, as well as local culture and history, breathtaking Annapurna Mountain vistas, and rhododendron woods.

Popular Activities in Nawalpur District

For spiritual and calm, you can go to pilgrimage locations. It takes around 3-4 hours to get to Maulakalika Mandir, offer puja, then return. You may also experience religious and spiritual serenity at CG Shashwat Dham. Hike to Devchuli Hill, Nawalpur's highest peak, if you enjoy trekking and climbing.

At Amaltari Ghat, Kawasoti Municipality, you may also experience a local Tharu village tour, Tharu traditional dance presentation, water sports, and a jungle safari (Chitwan National Park).

Trekking and Hiking in Nawalpur

A tourism hiking trail will cover the Mahabharat hill range. A hiking path connecting Nawalparasi's Gaidakot and Palpa's Jhiruwa would be established in the first phase. In the districts of Nawalparasi and Palpa, the hiking path would straddle the Mahabharat hill.

Its natural and cultural attractiveness matches the historical and theological significance of the location. When the kingdom was split into 22 and 24 states, the Sen dynasty governed the Mahabharat range.

A feasibility study for creating a route across the Mahabharat range's Maulakalika, Hattigauda, Barchuli, Devchuli, and Rudrapurgadhi has already been completed. The trail is a ghoral ecosystem and the "top" tourism hiking attraction.

Hiking in Maulakalika

Residents of Gaindakot Municipality and the nearby towns of Narayangarh, Bharatpur, and Chitwan visit these locations to enjoy the cool breeze, vast panoramic views of the wilderness, and the thrilling adventure of walking through 2,000 meters of sloping and curving stairs to reach the final destination.

The location provides panoramic views of the Narayani River, the surrounding cities of Gaindakot and Chitwan, Mt. Manaslu on the north side, and early morning sunrise vistas. In addition, visitors to Chitwan National Park and Lumbini frequently pick the location for short treks.

It takes around 4 hours for a hiker to travel up and down; therefore, it may be the most excellent hiking site in Nawalparasi for a day trek. Walking/climbing the hill is a popular mode of transportation. Local labour contributed to the upkeep of the foot pathways.

Experts take roughly 30 minutes to reach the summit, while newcomers take around 2 hours. You may go sightseeing, shopping for fruits, drinking natural water, or relaxing on the footpaths.