About Us

In today’s competitive business situation, it is essential to collaborate with the fast- moving travel necessity. You need a business partner that assures travelers get better service. Hop Nepal team kindly welcomes you to the tour and travel packages of a travel agency. We introduce you to the topmost travel and tour companies in Nepal. We aim to deliver excellent and bespoke service.

At Hop Nepal, we assure you to connect with a qualified and reliable travel company with a solution to understand your travel necessities. Our company is operated by a handful of staffs who are capable in their work due to the determined time they have devoted to discovering natural resources in Nepal.

We come up with a complete process, managing bespoke hiking, special vacation tours, ticketing, safaris, cultural tours and much more. Connecting with Hop Nepal team you will surely enjoy your trip to different places of Nepal. We are always dedicated to deliver high-quality services and totally admit and instantly carry out the feedback provided by our customers.

Our Team - Dedicated, adventures people