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When you connect with Hop Nepal, you are getting access to over experienced travel partner, significant travel connections over the world, entree to exclusive tours, hotels, resorts and properties plus, undeniably, the top customer service a traveler could want.
Our professional Hop Nepal Travel Advisors listen to what your idea of a perfect trip is and then by finding out more about you and your interest. We can customize a detailed, bespoke itinerary for you. Travel should be more than bounding on a plane and proceeding to a hotel or resort. Let our Hop Nepal travel consultants plan a special trip, intended to you and your travel plans.
As soon as you are certain which dates you wish to spend your vacation, we would advise you to make your reservation. Throughout traditionally busy periods, we would book as soon as possible.
Full name (based on passport) Passport number and expiry date Nationality Full mailing address Date of birth Occupation Emergency contact name and phone number Details about any medical or dietary requirements
You can pay through credit cards and in most cases. In some cases, a deposit may be required to secure your booking.
Sure, it is always better quick access to your travel itinerary at your place. To get precisely what type of travel packages your travel agent provides, ask if you can print tickets yourself if your online itinerary contains travel maps. Also, if there are any other services that you think you may want online entree to while traveling.
Landlocked country Nepal is situated in southern Asia couched between two Asian hulks India and China. It is physically, ethnically and linguistically assorted. Furthermore, it is a land of yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and provides the perfect trekking experience on the globe.
Nepal is famous as Land of the Himalayas where you can find Mt. Everest, highest peak in the globe and Lord Buddha, the creator of the Buddhist religion. Also, Nepal has been the focus of remarkable accomplishments in the globe of peak climbing trips with the recognition of above 1000 peaks more than 6,000 meters.
Yes! Nepal visa is simply accessible on arrival at the entry places. You can have easy processing downloading and finalizing the application form, with the precise USD cash and two passport photographs.
Certainly! We do have airport pick up services for our clients who have booked for any tour packages. After you book the travel and tour packages, please do not forget to inform us.
Every day you can expect 5-7 hours walking, that includes 10 to 14 km. Nevertheless, more than 3500m, the times will be similar but you just need to cover 8 to 9 km. Significantly, we provide flexible itineraries and can be changed by weather, environmental and physical obstruction of the specific partaker.
Weather in the mountains is especially hard to expect. During night time, it is usually cooler the days are warmer. Winter (January and February) will be little colder but the days can be fine and warm if the sun comes out properly. There is expected to be bit snow throughout the month of January, February, and December. It is also essential to ensure that you will be warm and dry in just around any situations.
Undoubtedly Nepal is safe for travelers. First, Nepal is well-thought-out as one of the peaceful countries in the globe Furthermore, we also take personal accountability for your comfort, a duty we promise very seriously.
Yes, and be sure to come up with prescriptions and the medications in its original containers to be safe from custom inspection hassle.
Certainly, there are tourist police sited near the Nepal Tourism Development Board's Workplace. Similarly, you can find complaint pledges at the airport and Basantapur Durbar Square. Tourist police are especially proficient in English and have the thorough local knowledge to support and help tourists.
Yes, you can find lots of ATM machines available in the Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley. ATM machines are gradually kept other places like Bhuwtal and Dharan. Some of the credit cards recognized in Nepal are VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express. You can use both Debit and Credit Cards are here.
Nepal consists of an extensive range of climates so both light and warm clothes in casual and easy styles. In the mountain region, you need to wear warm woolen clothes and at lower altitude cotton clothing is perfect. Make sure to carry any stuff and you are comfortable to wear. If you forget to bring any of your clothes, do not worry you can buy in Nepal at an affordable price.